2. hope-starchild:

    hippie stoner drunk love

    some kind of magic i’m dreaming of

    i don’t care where it comes from or what it means

    something that makes my embers go green. 


  3. let me be the one to awaken your soul


    Rollercoaster of Love 

    Tidal wave of emotion, 

    Hipsters Rolling

    Love set in motion

    No need for control 

    Supernovas just dance

    Through galaxies with space cadets

    And sporadic Romance

    There’s Love

    There’s Desire

    There’s a girl out there who used to sing in the choir

    But did she follow her heart and continue to sing? 

    Or did she live for the people and lose everything? 

    I suppose there’s a choice when your faced with a song, you can choose to dance or you can sing along. 


  4. hope-starchild:

    God captured my soul while I was standing on a mountain, he told me all would be like gold, the wealth spouting like a fountain. 

    I believed him right then and there, as i stared up at the sky, 
    There’s no harm in believing, you’ll never know if you don’t try. 


  6. Mystery?


    Happy Dear Hearts Sinking

    Into bliss or unblissed thinking

    When thoughts become mere blinking

    In Silent Mistery.

    But what is mystery if not sadness? 

    Could there be a mystery in gladness? 

    Is Mystery History or just Madness… 

    What is this thing we call mystery… 


  7. hope-starchild:

    We are so highly affected by our environment it is crazy. Each and every person in our lives, whether we are consciously or subconsciously aware of it has an incredible impact on our personal energy and process of evolution. The people in our lives subliminally affect us in ways that we can’t even possibly imagine. 


  9. hope-starchild:

    Perhaps in the end, it’s our secrets that make us who we are <3 


  10. Holy Ship